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The Train  
Title: The Train
Author: [personal profile] anyamalfoy
Pairing: Draco/Pansy
Rating: U
Summary: Pansy and her thoughts about her future on the train to Hogwarts
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not real, I don't own. I can lend you the name of a good psychiatrist if you think it is real.
Author Notes: Please note this was written in 1996, before I had a Beta and I am currently without one to check it now.

Pansy was sulking. She was sat in the far corner of her train carriage, head rested against the window. During the last summer holiday nothing had gone right for her and she always hated going back to school. It had all started at the end of the last school year with her school reports. It wasn’t that Pansy was failing in anything, she was near to the top of the class in most of her subjects, her grades just weren’t good enough for her family. Her father had decided to get her a tutor to help boost her them. It meant spending a lot of her time inside away from the fun her friends, who all seemed to be having without her. If she could get better grades than that Mudblood Granger this year, then it would all have been worth it.
Pansy grinned, but the smile quickly faded as M illicent walked past the cabin. She and Daphne had been waiting to come back in when Pansy was in a better mood. Her friends knew when to leave her alone. This was one of those times. She felt like sulking and anyone who spoke to her was going to get their head bitten off. Millicent & Daphne had left the cabin almost as soon as the train had started moving. Pansy didn’t really care where they had gone too as long as she was alone.
That was something that wasn’t going to last very long though. Her mother had gotten herself pregnant. Pansy was so angry about it. They had always told her that she was the best thing ever and the only one they’d ever need. Now they were having another child. She’d had to give her playroom and now all of a sudden she wasn’t the main focus at home. It was the baby this, the baby that. The thought had even crossed her mind that if she accidentally pushed her mother down the stairs she might lose it. Then it might all go back to normal.
The sunlight reflected off the stones in the spider broach, casting light into Pansy’s eyes for a moment. She picked it up off the table and threw it to the other end of the cabin, where it landed on the seat upside down. It wriggled trying to turn itself the right way up. ‘Stupid piece of crap’ thought Pansy. It had been a gift from her father earlier that day, a kind of consolation and going away gift but it hadn’t been the one that she’d asked for. Pansy was in no doubt that it was more expensive than the one that she’d seen and made sure her father knew she wanted. Pansy had been in a bad mood all the way to King’s Cross. Her mother had been trying to talk her out of i, with little stories of who was going to be coming to the Manor while she was at school. It only made her more annoyed. When they had arrived at the Hogwarts Express, Pansy couldn’t have been in a worse mood until Granger had backed into her.
There were the usual hugs from her parents, which she didn’t return and then her father brought out a little box. He beamed like he’d done something great.
“I saw you looking at this and well with all the news this summer, we thought you deserved something special”
Pansy had grabbed it and opened it, expecting to find the lovely silver owl broach that she’d asked for. Instead there was a spider, covered in emeralds and diamonds.
“Thanks” she said flatly and boarded the train without another word. Pansy watched her parent’s wave goodbye as they pulled out of the station but pretended not to see them.
Daphne had picked up the box, which Pansy had thrown down on the table.
“Wow, that’s sooo pretty. I wish my parent’s would buy me stuff like that.”
“Keep it, I don’t want it” snapped Pansy. Millicent and Daphne had given each other the ‘lets go out for a while look’ and left after that. Sometimes she wished they’d stay around a little longer. Their incessant chattering about anything that came into their heads was really rather distracting and that would have helped right then.
Pansy sighed, she had enough of sulking and was about to get up and shout at Millicent & Daphne for not hanging around when Draco walked through the door. Pansy scowled at him.
Draco sat on the seat opposite and smiled at her. Pansy just watched him. He picked up the broach off the seat.
“That’s a nice broach,” it squirmed in his grasp. “Is it yours?”
Pansy could tell from the look on his face that he knew it was hers.
“Yes, my father gave it to me,” she said taking it from his hand.
Draco looked out the window. Pansy continued to watch him while he watched the world go by. She felt better having him in the room, she knew he’d come to cheer her up. No doubt Millicent and Daphne had been talking to Crabbe and Goyle. She didn’t mind that people thought that she and Draco were an item. They spent lots of time together at Hogwarts and his company was always enjoyable.
“See I knew I could make you smile,” said Draco. Pansy looked at him and stuck her tongue out.
”It’s because you love me you know,” he said getting up and walking to the door.
“You wish!” Pansy replied.
Just as the door closed she thought she heard him say “Actually I do.”
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