29 September 2010 @ 05:32 pm
So this is my to be written/unfinished fic list

Incestuous Lust - Mikey/Gerard, Gerard/Frankie
Breaking the Boy - Ray/Gerard, Rape
Please Me - HP Various, finished to chapter 4, rape, torture

Bury Me - Leoncest, Wayset, slavery, torture, death
Secret Santa - MCR gang (frank, sex toys)
Untitled - Ray/Bob/Mikey - Gang rape, possible murder
Untitled - Waycest, rape, murder, victim/bob/ray/frankie
Untitled - PATD, horror fic, mass murder
Untitled - Jared & Shan Leto & Ian Watkins, BDSM
Prompt - Stains of a thousand lips Bob/Ray/Bert
Lola - song of same name Ray/Gerard